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Slum Walks in Delhi by Pete (Providing Education To EveryOne)

Our logo done by volunteer from germany

What we do

Free education, including English language, for local children in the slums, providing a safe place to learn and stay off the streets. We run the following schools in the slums of Kathputli Colony, Delhi:

Nirvan School

Our school provides a classroom for 40 children and supplies them with clothes, games, notebooks and education. Our school also creates jobs by employing local young guides and teachers from within the slums. 

Nirvan Vocational School for Womens 

This school provides stitching and beauty courses, providing practical skills for women to earn money.

Nirvan Vocational School For Womens No 2

(RenovatIng opening in 2 to 3 week of  nov 2016 we need volunteers maybe for one day or 2 for painting the new school)

(We need mirrors,chairs,battery run inverter,Beauty parlour chair,exhaust fan,Almariah and led bulbs anyone like to  do something please buy any of items listed

Any seamstress or beautician background volunteer will be great help

Nirvan Kindergarten 

We take care of slum children from age 2-5 years and provide their meals for their parents who both have to work as labourers, cleaners and cooks in other people houses.

NIRVAN Computer Education

Providing computer education to the slum kids (At moment we need 2 laptops and 2 desktops  and some chairs to fulfil the growing number of students)

Nirvan Informal Class 

Providing Education to Adult Kids to Prepare For the Syllabus of their Class


Training Centre  And Manufacture of indian Clothes In the Slums


We donate used clothes and other items useful for kids and adults. We also provide financial help to buy medicine for infants and children whose parents can't afford medicine on a regular basis.

We support local artists by promoting their talent. 

We recognized around 100 widows in the slums with no earning household member and more than 3 kids in their family. We provide flour, spices and vegetables on a monthly basis and right now we are supporting 10 widows. We are looking to expand this to help more widows, so any food donations would be appreciated.Please ask us and can have opportunity to help directly their family in person by handing out food donations.

Nirvan New Centre Opened on 14/4/2017

Clean filtered water to students

Modular Kitchen with chimney for providing students with healthy food 

No smoke while preparing food

Western Toilet facility within centre 


Free Wifi

Free Coffee/Tea For Guests 

Free Luggauge Storage for guests Leaving for airport and arriving from airport

Job Opportunities for women students by applying heena on guests hands who ask for applying on their hands

Making Clothes,cutting,packaging,ironing paid by us to make..

Come And give us your advice how can we improve

If u like what we do please do write us a review that helps us


Wish List  April and May 2017 : Air cooler for the new  big centre for womens and kindergarden opened on 14/4/2017

Used Laptops 

 Used Books for the new Library

2 Carpets

4 Small buckets with lid (for installing bucket filter)

Water dispenser hot and cold (filtered water goes into the dispenser and goes on top of this unit and gives out hot and cold water as desired)(Bought by us no longer required)

One beauty parlour chair with push button for bending and height(Needed on priority basis)

Beauty products


Slum Walks in Delhi By Pete

In India, it is very difficult to benefit from any state aid for NGOs. While waiting for that to change, we have several self-management strategies. These become part of the project, along the lines of sustainability and respect for human rights, the principles under which PETE operates. 

One of our strategies consists of taking a small group of people, Indian or foreign, to witness the reality of life in the colourful suburb of the New Delhi Kathputli (puppet) Colony.

This activity also allows slum dwellers, if they wish, to interact with foreigners from different cultures and show them their daily life. 

The aim of the walk is not to "visit", nor make poverty a "tourist tour", but to meet people and exchange experiences with them, having a tea and chatting. A walk in the slums is much more than a walk; it is an exchange and a first step towards awareness.

Join us on a Slum Walk...

On your Slum Walk our local guide will take you through the maze of alleyways of their neighborhood in one of Delhi's largest slums. You'll meet the smiling children and women in our schools and experience this often unseen side of Delhi.

Join us on our safe and respectful walk of the slums and have an experience you'll remember forever!

  • When: Everyday
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours 
  • Min Donation: RS. 750 pp(increased in price effective from 1 august 2014)
  • Private and Group Walks also available: Please see our Walks/Activities page for more information

Contact us to book your Slum Walk

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +91 981 1105601 / +91981352939/+919871151431

Nirvan Commune

The Nirvan Commune was brought into life to develop a spiritual community. Artists, musicians, and other people from all over the world can congregate to share the same vision of love and light. In addition, the Nirvan Commune's philosophy is to have a positive impact on its surroundings. In accordance with this aim, the Nirvan Commune is opening a school for the mountain children, undertaking organic farming, and installing solar and bio-gas facilities.

Nirvan Commune Mountain Schools 

Based in the Nirvan Commune, we have locally educated people educating the youth. With a low teacher-to-child ratio, the children begin with personality development, so often neglected in mass city teaching environments. Children will be taught varied disciplines to allow them to integrate into mainstream college.

Nirvan Commune Hostel 

NIRVAN to mean ENLIGHTENMENT - This means different things to different people... spirituality, relaxation, thinking on a higher level.

COMMUNE to mean a COMMUNITY place - All are welcome.

A modest accommodation charge as a guest at the Nirvan Commune will help financially support the other projects being undertaken in this community. Better yet, offer your time at the Nirvan Mountain School, or get your hands dirty while building or maintaining the bio-gas or solar panel systems. We are soon introducing yoga, meditation classes and a holistic massage centre.

Contact us to book your stay at the Nirvan Commune

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +91 981 1105601 / +91 9871352939

Volunteer at PETE

We have many exciting and important volunteer activities that you can take part in depending on your skills, interest and time. Below are some of the common activities our volunteers have been involved in: 

Assisting on Slum Walks You will attend and participate on Slum Walks by interacting with the guests and locals, describing PETE's ongoing and future projects in the slums

Promotion of Slum Walks in Delhi Spend some time speaking to travellers about Slum Walks, sharing your enthusiasm for the NGO, and providing information about the projects PETE works on

Office administration Some of your time will be spent assisting staff in the PETE office with administration duties

Producing fundraising and awareness materials If you have a creative streak you can assist us by updating / creating new fundraising and awareness materials such as posters and flyers

Photography and video If you have a talent for photography or video production we would welcome you to utilise these skills by capturing new material and producing short films about PETE

Social media and website updates Help us keep our Facebook page and website updated with PETE news and activities

Conservation and environmental work At our Nirvan Commune we have a large ongoing project to re-landscape a piece of land which will involve activities such as building, landscaping and planning

Teach English and Art to the kids in our school in the Delhi slums

Teach Beauty, Stitching, Knitting and Embroidery in our women's Vocational School in the Delhi slums

Teach English and Computing to the kids in our Uttrakhand mountain school

Decoration of school buildings Help us decorate our schools and make them exciting and fun environments for the students

Play with the kids in our Kindergarten Spend some time getting to know and playing with the kids in our Kindergarten in the Delhi slums

Volunteer accommodation 

We offer the following accommodation for volunteers:


    • Shared volunteer flat with western toilet and shower
    • Kitchen with water filter (if you want to cook your own food)
    • Bed linen provided
    • Laptop and wifi available
    • Safe residential location in local market place
    • Close to the centre of the city

Nirvan Commune

    • Private rooms with Indian toilets (western toilets coming soon) and heater
    • 3 meals a day provided
    • Communal area with kitchen and water filter (if you want to cook your own food)
    • Bed linen provided
    • Laptop with internet available
    • Beautiful village location
    • Surrounded by amazing scenery and nature

Contact us

If you would like to volunteer and help us with our valuable work please contact us using the details below.  You can volunteer from 1 day to 6 months, whatever time you can offer.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Email: [email protected]



Mobile: +919811105601 / +91981352939/ +919871151431

Registered with Govt. of India under Indian Trust act 1882

Reg No. 4266/4/13249

    Slum Walks In Delhi By Pete


    Collection point:
    Y-40 3rd floor, Front portion, West Patel Nagar market, behind Subhaash Jewellers
    WEST PATEL Nagar New Delhi 110008

    Donation box for Used clothes
    Donating Clothes To Slum Kids.
    Donating Clothes To Slum Kids.

    Project Right To Education 
    Nirvan Non Formal Education School 

    Slum School when started
    Madhu and Kusum primary school teachers



    Collection point for food, spices, vegetables and other donated goods:
    Y-40 3rd floor, Front portion, West Patel Nagar market, behind Subhaash Jewellers
    WEST PATEL Nagar New Delhi 110008

    Donating Clothes To slum families
    Donating Clothes To Slum Kids
    Donating Clothes To Slum People
    Donating Clothes To Slum Kids.
    Nirvan Primary School
    Nirvan Primary School.
    One of our student Muskaan

    'Jannat' means heaven

    Vocational school students batch 2013

    Empowering women - Nirvan Vocational School for women.

    Stitching Learning Centre

    Beauty Course - 6 Months each

    Creating jobs for the students as well

    Nirvan Kindergarden

    Nirvan Kindergarten- We take in children from 2-5 years old who are on the streets or whose parents (living in slums) have to work to earn enough for food. As well as teaching them and providing them with a safe environment, we also give them midday meals. 

    Slum Walks in Delhi 
    by PETE


    How our projects make a difference

    • Creating jobs for women living in the slums
    • Removal of child labour
    • Creating jobs for families with no (or only one) earning household member


    Guests from England distributing children's games - Thank You!

    Group of students from a German University on a Slum Walk watching a performance by child artists and distributing clothes and cooking items - Thank You!

    Family from Australia distributing health products to the kids - Thank You! 

    One of our guests from Canada holding an infant of one of the families in the slumsCelebrating the birthday of one of our guests, Doris, who distributed chocolates and chips among the children in the slums. What a fortunate way of celebrating a birthday - by spreading happiness among others.You Are Blessed Ones!



     Promotion of

    Traditional Arts



    To know more please check our Projects page   





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