Quotes The 'Slum Tour' was a great experience. I wouldn't call it a tour, but more of an experience which is exactly what we were looking for! We did not want to be tourists in a slum, but rather spend a few hours with families and children who have grown up and live in the slum. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and really enjoyed spending time with the children of the artist slum, singing, dancing, and watching a great puppet show. Our hosts and guides were great, and the children were absolutely welcoming and beautiful. All the best to the foundation and keep up the great work. Quotes
Karan C
Great experience!

Quotes on my last day in india, i just found pete website through tripadvisor. i couldnt reach him on the phone, so i took my chances and took the metro to his office. here we met and i was delighted to hear a slumwalk was possible on that day. we drove to the slum with his car. we walked a bit around, we had chai, he did an interview with two women who were applying for a job at the school pete build. he was also handing out bags of wheat to widow women. it was good to see some actual work by the ngo in process. the people in the slum responded with genuine affection and kindness to my visit - and the kids were very excited.. and they didnt ask me for some rupees, what i did find in a lot of places in india. im happy to have made a small contribution to the ngo, and i will try my best to do some more. keep up the good work! Quotes
Vincent S
the delhi haves and not haves..

Quotes A visit to the slums with PETE is going to be the highlight of your trip to Delhi. I don't hesitate to guarantee it because it was very well mine. I'm still living in the memories of my time there because in this experience I learned of the heart and kindness of India. From the moment I entered the slums, I was welcomed, warmly. Children ran up to me smiling high from cheek to cheek. Home owners graciously invited me into their small spaces and were so open and honest in sharing their few possessions. Families performed their many talents and I was completely entertained for an hour.. two hours...? I lost track of time as I was busy witnessing the community in existence. It is amazing, how these individuals craft their talents and make use of their time, and then freely offer them to a stranger, such as I, who comes with nothing but curiosity and interest in their lives. Quotes
?Friends in New Places?

Quotes What a fantastic charity and such a humbling experience which i shall never forget. To anyone who find themselves on the streets of Delhi I would recommend this tour into one of the hidden and harsh realities of this wonderful country and culture. I will return to Delhi in a month or so and will be going back there again... Quotes
james mc intyre

Quotes It was very interesting to see how people were living in the slum and it felt like the tour gave a realistic picture of what life in the slum is like. We got to meet an artist family living in the slum and they even did some performances for us. And the fee we paid is used to build a school in the slum so it's good to know that the money goes to a good cause. Quotes
Quakki Singapore
Artists in the slum

Quotes We took this 'tour' to learn and experience first hand the work of PETE(Providing Education To Everyone) and many thanks to Shiva for providing an opportunity to visit and interact with the people of this community, for in doing so two things can be achieved. 1) The 'tourist' gains an insight into the lives of people otherwise forgotten or hidden from mainstream society 2) The local people recieve direct grass root level funding to help improve their situation. This is not 'voyuer tourism' for the more affluent to stare at the poor, it is an opportunity for the more fortunate to learn and be educated about a world other than their own, and in doing so they are directly helping fund the PETE (Providing Education To Everyone). A well deserving program that is working to educate the children within this community so that may help themselves to break the poverty cycle. Hopefully many people will be moved by the good work of Shiva and PETE to make some sort of contribution/funding beyond Quotes
Neil Spearritt Chris Parham (Australia)
Help others to provide help......

Quotes I spent 3 months travelling through India earlier this year and ran into Pete by chance at the Brown Bread Bakery in Delhi during the last week of my trip. I had wanted to visit a slum since I arrived but the safety aspect held me back. Pete provided a safe, informative and eye opening slum walk experience and his honesty and integrity made it all the worthwhile. This is not your standard tour - it's more of an experience and I highly recommend this to anybody interested in giving a helping hand to the often forgotten and shunned side of India. Quotes
Andrew Cornell (Australia)
Excellent, informative, eye opening

Quotes This tour gave me so much in so many ways. I highly recomend the Pete in India slum walk. The guides are very friendly and helpful. They are also very flexible regardning what day and time to go. Just ask, and you will figure something out. Me and my friend got a tour for about 3,5 hour where we got to see a lot of the slum in Baba Faridpuri. You haven't seen Delhi if you haven't seen this. It's a must-do when visiting Delhi. Quotes
Ida C (Norway)
Reality check - highly recommended

Quotes I can definitely recommend the slum walk. It is also very interesting to use a guide during the slum walk. A guide can give much information about the Indian way of life, and it gives a good impression, how people live there. Quotes
Sandra (Netherlands)
Slum walk in Delhi

Quotes When you visit Delhi, Main Bazaar you see so many things going on around you. All kind of flavours, colours and languages. And a lot of sun! After a month touring through Rajasthan, Amritsar, Dharamsala, Kasol and Rishikesh My friends and I came back to Delhi. Our Last day in India we finally had a chance to go to the slums. We were picked up by John and went by rickshaw, to the artist's slum. Here we had a tour in this small city within the city. Many children all around you! They offered to play for us with their band. We sat down in a room, with an improvised light and a FAN the boys started playing their music and singing also. One man was explaining to us they were practising for shows. We enjoyed it a lot. We went to see how the puppets are made and were given a show aswell! A good reminder of India. Make sure you experience this! Thanks to Shiva! Quotes
Marieke Schmittman (Netherlands)
Pa Dha Riye - Please Enter

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