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      Slum Walk Dehli
    • "Over 11 languages are spoken in Kathputli Colony and our guide, Laxmi, speaks five in 11. They call her ?Auntie" and she has so much love for them, so much hope to see them stan..."
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    One of the largest problems we face in our world today is ignorance. Uneducated people go through the motions of life doing the best that they know how to do. However, they are hindered by their lack of knowledge of the vast world around them. Many people head to work each day with the hope that they will earn enough money to eat for the day. Living hand-to-mouth is the only option for a large population of our fellow people. This option proves to be the only option for the entire lifespan of millions. A number of this social group will become victims of crime and are forced to make unthinkable decisions as a result of their circumstances. Most of the children living in poverty are forced down unimaginable roads of hardship. The vicious cycle of this plague of poverty needs to be eradicated.




    The goal of Providing Education to Everyone (PETE), our non-profit organisation, is to establish a school system and teach children the basic principles of reading, writing and arithmetic. Students will be guided in the understanding that 'knowledge is power'. To teach a subject is to understand the subject, so 'make your knowledge contagious' will be an important virtue of the school. Upon successful completion of primary school training, students will receive assistance through guidance and scholarship in deciding what option is in their best interests for the next phase of their lives. Throughout the process, we will also provide clean water and basic nutrition for the students and neighbouring communities. India will be our first destination.


    One of the most important aspects of the entire program will be training educated individuals of the communities to teach their fellow citizens. Through observation during the school day and evening classes, we will train our appointed staff on how to be effective teachers. PETE teacher academy will be available for the selected members of the community and will accept applications for enrolment. On-the-job training will be a paid position so expectations will be high.


    Community members will play a vital role in our schools. Community members that have the desire to teach will have the option of applying to our teacher academy. Adults and students alike will share their knowledge and will work simultaneously to spread their knowledge to everyone. Community service projects will also be conducted in the area. The goal of sharing knowledge and offering time to others will benefit each community.



    Our vision is to build a team of teachers that are completely passionate about spreading knowledge and understanding to every person and child in their presence. If we can build a strong team of teachers that love to share their ideas and are willing to start schools to spread the wealth of knowledge, then we have succeeded. To teach children the importance of knowledge and help find the passion for sharing their knowledge will be one of the most important aspects of the entire mission. "Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity", according to Socrates. Every person in the world will need to know how to be an effective teacher because an effective teacher makes an effective parent. The vision is to educate everyone to a higher level, and achieve a level of passion, appreciation, respect, determination, and eventually peace of mind for everyone.



    Mission Statement


    The mission of the PETE school system is to develop each student to be an independent thinker and life-long learner who will live as a messenger of knowledge and to make their knowledge contagious. 'Wisdom alone is the science of other sciences' -Plato


    Competitive Analysis


    There are organisations that are currently offering education to the poor sectors of India. Most of the schools are privately funded and require that students pay tuition. Even in the poor sectors parents pull together enough money to send their students, despite what the family then goes without, because the importance of education is not taken for granted. Many of these schools are ineffective and face issues of teachers having such little regard for their work that they simply do not show up. According to the action research of ISF, 'The poor must develop social and entrepreneurial skills that require a complete mind shift about their own potential and self worth, especially in rural areas where the caste system is still prominent.'


    Providing Education to Everyone will offer rigorous education to children so that they may achieve complete peace of mind. However, "it is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well." (Descartes). The approach will be systematic and effective in each community. 

    Community schools and their teacher leaders will be evaluated by a member of the education board on a weekly basis for the first two years of service. The teachers will be evaluated by the building principle weekly to ensure quality education. The building principles will be evaluated and trained by area supervisors that will oversee 5 buildings each. The area supervisors will meet with the PETE Board of Education weekly for the first year to ensure high quality education. After the first year, we will move to bi-monthly meetings. PETE will keep an eye on the prize of quality education for everyone, and the passion will linger within us all.


    To say that there is competition from one school to the next defies the entire mission. This is a non-profit mission, not a conglomerate. Education for everyone is an attainable goal providing the proper resources such as human resources and financial support.



    The entire mission for Providing Education to Everyone will focus on areas of educational need. We will focus on slum areas and rural areas to establish our first buildings. The organisation will search for land that can be donated by private owners or government officials.

    As we teach the students about the basics, we will also be in search of student-teachers. Student-teachers will be chosen by our staff to attend the school day as an assistant and also to work in the evening to learn key strategies of effective teaching. We will train the student-teacher until we feel he or she is ready to lead a classroom to success. The teacher leader will possess the facets of passion, rigor, patience and direction. All teachers will be held to strict guidelines. The main expectations of the teacher leader (also known as principal) will be to lead the teachers down the path of effective and passionate teaching, and to ensure that every teacher is following the rigorous expectations.


    All students and teachers of the PETE Foundation will continually learn about the importance of sharing their knowledge with others. The members of the organization will be expected to share their knowledge with the less fortunate.


    Service to the Community


    Besides going to school 6 days a week, the members of our school will be asked to help with community projects. The needs for each location will vary so the specifics of the community projects will be determined on site.


    Each school building will not only contain the domain of education but also a kitchen to supply nutritional needs to students and the community. The PETE organisation will continually support the basic human needs prior to educating the community. The human mind cannot function properly if malnutrition is a concern.


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