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Welcome to PETE, a small NGO supporting women, children and the community of  the Kathputli Colony in Delhi and mountain village of Tehri Garhwal in Uttrakhand.  We thank you for your interest.

in volunteering to help us  succeed in our many  important projects. This  document is designed to tell  you who we are, what we do  and how you can help us by  volunteering your time. Our  contact details are found at  the bottom of this document  so please contact us if you  have any questions or would  like more information.

We look forward to meeting and working with you in the future!

Volunteer activities

We have many exciting and important volunteer activities that you can take part in depending on  your skills, interest and time. Below are some of the common activities our volunteers have been  involved in:

Assisting on Slum Walks

You will attend and participate on Slum Walks by interacting with the guests and locals, describing

PETE’s ongoing and future projects in the slums

Promotion of Slum Walks in Delhi

Spend some time speaking to travellers about Slum Walks, sharing your enthusiasm for the NGO and  providing information about the projects PETE works on

Office administration

Some of your time will be spent assisting staff in the PETE office with administration duties  producing fundraising and awareness materials. If you have a creative streak you can assist us by  updating / creating new fundraising and awareness materials such as posters and flyers.

Photography and video

If you have a talent for photography or video production we would welcome you to utilise these  skills by capturing new material and producing short films about PETE.

Social media and website updates

Help us keep our Facebook page and website updated with PETE news and activities

Teaching in our schools

  • Teach English and Art to the children in our school in the Delhi slums
  • Teach Beauty, Stitching, Knitting and Embroidery in our Women’s Vocational School in the  Delhi slums

Decoration of school buildings

Help us decorate our schools and make them exciting and fun environments for the Students

Play with the kids in our Kindergarten

Spend some time getting to know and playing with the kids in our Kindergarten in the Delhi slums

Volunteer accommodation

You are free to arrange your own accommodation as a volunteer but we do offer accommodation options for volunteers in Delhi. We understand that  everyone’s economic situation is different and so we try to work with our volunteer’s budget to offer accommodation that they can afford.

If you are interested in volunteering and would like to know more about the costs of  accommodation please contact us. When discussing accommodation costs please do remember that  if staying at our flat in Delhi, 80% of the proceeds from your  accommodation go directly to benefit the projects we run.

If you will be staying in Delhi and are a part of a large group, we do have very good relationships with reasonably priced local hostels and hotels and can arrange accommodation with one of these  for you.


We have a small flat that doubles as our office. It is centrally located between the city centre and our school projects in the slums (Walking distance from the Patel Nagar Metro station, 8 minutes to city  centre by metro and only 5 minute auto-rickshaw ride to the slum where our schools are located).

The flat has a bathroom, stove top, and wifi. Depending on the number of volunteers we have with us at the time of your visit, should you select this option please understand that you may be sharing  the room with others.

Cost of volunteering

Volunteering with PETE is for free. If you want to it’s always good to do some fundraising before or during your stay with us, but it’s not mandatory. If you want to make a donation, we always have a list of things we need, so we can figure something out once you have arrived at our place. 

You may also find travel tips, information on Visas (if travelling from UK) vaccinations required and  information in reference to the type of clothing that you should bring for comfort and protection on  the following page:        http://www.peteindia.co.uk/volunteer/4583114167

Volunteer from Spain
Paula - Spain
Volunteer from australia
Kristy - Australia
Volunteer from Spain
Ariadna - Spain
Volunteer from Spain
Volunteer from Uk

Calon - U.K

Volunteer from Uk
Stacey - U.K

Volunteer From France

Ju Jue - France

Volunteer From France

Lucie - France

zozilla pass kashmir

Eric Weber - Austria

Eric volunteered for 1 month and a half on the Delhi slum project and half time in Nirvan commune project (uttrakhand) in the mountains.Then he left with co-founder Shiva on his Royal Enfield 500 cc to north in the mountains manali-leh-sonmarg-srinagar-punjab-delhi for 14 days. In his words it was a dream come true and memories will be there till end of his life.

Photo courstesy- Devin Doyle, a fellow biker from New York who we met on the way.

Volunteer from italy
Lizzie Bellotto

Shiva and the NGO team are stellar people. I have been here almost two weeks and it feels like you are part of the family. They looked after me when I was not well and helped me to recover. I am really impressed with the fab work of the NGO in the slums. The schools are buzzing with amazing cheerful kids whose love and energy is so contagious and the girls at the vocational school are just so great! Spending time in the slums connecting to people who just open their homes, heart and soul goes beyond words...  It is really touching and gives a beautiful perspective on the essence of life. I look forward to see this NGO grow and contribute to more projects (currently working on some ideas). I also hope to make it to the mountains and check out the project there.

I really feel that this experience contributed to my personal growth and that I have new special friends;) thank you everyone there!!!

Volunteer from france
Pierre - France

He volunteered with our Nirvan project for two weeks. He made furniture for the school and he also worked with the kindergarten children,
Mark -

He volunteered with us for two weeks. He was here to do research on artist living in the slum for an article which was published in many different recognized papers..
Volunteer from boulder America
Anna  Maeser Burkhardt

She came with her husband and volunteered with us for a week. She accompanied our guide and visitor for slum walk and she also worked with our primary school children.
Volunteer from boulder america

John Jacob Burkhardt - America

He volunteered with us for a week. He worked with our primary school kids teaching English.  He came with his wife whose photo is posted above.

Volunteer from united kingdom

Jess - 2014 - U.K

She is a nurse who volunteered with us for two weeks. She gave health classes to

 women in the slum and she also donated some medicine. She also worked with our kindergarten.

Volunteer with delhi project.

Paul Nahr - 2014 - Austria

Paul volunteered with us for 10 days looking after administrative work, accompanying guests on walks and explaining to them about PETE projects. He volunteered with the kindergarten and the vocational school in the Delhi slums

He came to us after volunteering at Auroville for a month.

Volunteer with delhi project.

Laura Charlton - England - 2014

Laura Volunteered with us for 3 weeks.  She taught kindergarten students English and gave them classes about manners. She also looked after administrative work and accompanied guests to explain PETE projects to them. She had one week of travelling with our sister company, www.kidsofshivacharitabletours.com, which supports our projects using profits made by doing tours. She traveled to Rishikesh, the Nirvan Commune, Agra and Vrindravan.

Volunteer with delhi project.

Valentina - Italy - 2014

Valentina volunteered with us for 2 weeks, looking after the walks we organise and letting the guests know about our projects and how we support them through slum walks.  She also looked after our administrative work and at the kindergarten in the slums.

Volunteer with delhi project.

Daniel - Germany - 2014

Daniel volunteered with us for 2 weeks. He looked after administrative work for our organisation and went for slum walks with guests explaining about PETE projects.

Volunteer with delhi and nirvan commune project

Marusa Golob - Slovenia - 2013/2014

Marusa volunteered with us in Delhi and at our mountain project for 1 and a half months.

She took initiative arranging collections of things needed for the kindergarten and vocational school (carpets, blankets and toys), and took the vocational, kindergarten, and primary school students to picnic at different monuments.

Marusa also helped with making furniture for our Nirvan Commune project and designing rooms at the Nirvan Commune for upcoming yoga and meditation students in 2014.

Volunteer with Nirvan Commune Project

Vincent And Mayo - France - 2013

Vincent and Mayo volunteered with us for three weeks at our mountain project.

They built a solar cooker and furniture for our Nirvan Commune rural school, and attended (and danced at!) local village weddings ;)


"We stayed 2 weeks in the beautiful mountains of Uttrakhand, for the Nirvan commune project, and it was great to contribute a bit in this. The place was also very quiet and peaceful to stay and to meet local people. Lot of thanks to Shiva for his help on many things even in Delhi!"

Volunteer with Nirvan commune project

Ines Rodriguez - Spain - 2013

Ines came to us on a recommendation from her university, for our Delhi and rural mountain projects. She stayed with us for 5 days, and traveled to Agra, Jaipur, Rishikesh, with our sister company, www.kidsofshivacharitabletours.com, which supports our projects with profits made from our tours offered in North India.

Volunteer with nirvan commune project

Isa Roldan - Spain - 2013

Isa came to us on a recommendation from her university, for our Delhi and rural mountain projects. She stayed with us for 5 days, and traveled to Agra, Jaipur, Rishikesh, with our sister company, www.kidsofshivacharitabletours.com, which supports our projects with profits made from our tours offered in North India.

Volunteer with delhi and nirvan commune project

Jordan James - America - 2013

I volunteered with Pete in Delhi for 2 months. I helped PETE projects by assisting in slum walks, city tour and foodies walks and looking after administrative work and replying to mail. I also volunteered with Nirvan Commune project in the mountains for one week and helped in making furniture for the upcoming Nirvan rural kindergarten, English and Computer School.

Right now I am travelling by bike to Spain from India and looking forward to being an ambassador for PETE in Barcelona when I finish my journey.

Volunteer with delhi project.

Katja - Netherlands - 2013

Katja volunteered with us making a documentary on our projects. She was staying in Delhi for many months doing an internship with a fashion institute.

We are soon going to publish her documentary on our website. 

Volunteer with nirvan and delhi project

Gergio - Italy - 2013

Gergio stayed with us for one month, looking after administrative work. Painting our vocational school, making notice boards, designing the PETE office and volunteering with our Nirvan vocational school in Delhi. She spent her last few days at our Nirvan Commune in the mountains doing painting work.

Volunteer with  nirvan and delhi project

Maura - Italy - 2013

Maura stayed with us for one month looking after administrative work, painting our vocational school, making notice boards, designing the PETE office and volunteering with our Nirvan vocational school in Delhi. She spent her last few days at our Nirvan Commune in the mountains doing painting work. 

Volunteer with delhi project.
Jake Wachtel - America - 2013

I am artist and run a studio in California, my passion for music made me travel to India as India is known for its traditional music. I was invited to India for making a documentary for charity work in health. During my travel to Delhi I heard about the PETE project in the slums and volunteered for 4 days to make a documentary on Slum Walks by PETE along with Hiroshima University students from Japan.
Volunteer with delhi project.

Molly Jane Lewis - England - 2013

I spent 5 days with PETE making a documentary about their projects In the slums in Delhi. I am still traveling at the moment in Asia, and soon in March 2014 submit my final video to Peteindia.org. Best of luck!
Volunteer with delhi project.
James Pearce - England - 2013

I volunteered here for 4 weeks and had such a fun and rewarding time. Shiva (the co- founder) is a really friendly and accommodating guy. We worked on many different things over this time and I was able to attend many Slum Walks and got to play with the great kids at the schools.

If you are looking for a really worthwhile and fun volunteer opportunity in Delhi then definitely do this. You can also volunteer at their project in the Uttrakhand mountains where they have amazing views and peaceful environment.

Thank you Shiva for a truly great experience and ordering Dominos Pizza for me! :)
Volunteer with delhi project.
Frieder - Germany - 2013

My 10 days with Pete Project were my first days in India and my first days in Delhi. It was a time with a lot of fun, unexpected experiences and time which I will never forget. Shiva is someone who cares for you and for your further plans. Also when you are continuing your trip he will offer his help to you. The NGO is a good place for getting to know India from a different view. I got offered a place to sleep and we went out for food every day to the inside places.
Thank you for everything!

Volunteer with delhi project.

Daniel - Switzerland - 2013

I stayed with this project for my last week in India. I helped promote the project by doing some info papers, taking and uploading pictures to the internet, keeping the book of expenses etc. I visited the newly opened slum school and got a good insight at the impact from the project. The people in the slum especially the children are very warm and welcoming.
It was an awesome experience to help and be part of this project, I wish I could have stayed longer.

Volunteer with delhi project

Carmei Emily Wright  Malaysia 2012 -

Carmei taught in Osaka, Japan, in a primary school for several years and decided to volunteer with us during her travel to Asia.

I helped Pete with the website, brochures, language content and awareness about PETE projects.

Volunteer with delhi project.
Dominic-GERMANY 2012-
                                          I met Shiva in Pushkar while traveling and decided to volunteer with PETE while coming back to Delhi. I took pics for the flyers and website of Pete. I voluntereed again on my next time to India and volunteered along with Carmei.
It was nice experience for me to work from Pete pickup point for slum walks where I had the opportunity to meet many travelers.

Code Of Conduct -
Volunteers who are Party Seekers and refuse to follow the Rules of the Organisation will be asked to leave without notice. 
Please read through the Volunteer Welcome Pack prior to applying for a volunteer position. 

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