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  • "Experiencing the slum walk in Dehli provides a great insight and education into wider Indian life. The people in the slums survive off little, yet exhibit an exuberance for lif..."
    Simon V
    Slum Walk Dehli
  • "Over 11 languages are spoken in Kathputli Colony and our guide, Laxmi, speaks five in 11. They call her ?Auntie" and she has so much love for them, so much hope to see them stan..."
    James Tan

Who We Are

Providing Education To Everyone is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation that was founded in 2012 by Jim Wideman and Yogi Shiva who together wanted to positively influence the lives of those living in the Delhi slums. PETE understands that education is a basic human right, and endeavors to make that a reality. PETE also supports the community by providing education and jobs for women who would otherwise have limited prospects.

Jim Wideman


St Louis, Missouri

Jim is the founder of this project. When he was young, his best friend died in a car accident in which Jim was driving. He survived this accident and his life changed. Now he's doing something good with this new life given to him by God. When Jim came to India, he met Shiva and together they started this organisation.

Jim's friends name was Pete. 


Yogi Shiva

Co - Founder

Before opening PETE, Shiva was operating a number of travel and entertainment companies, but found that he was unfulfilled doing this work. When he met Jim in 2011, the two decided to help the community by building a school in the slums of Babafaridpuri. Shiva has been the driving force of the NGO on the ground in Delhi, has opened 4 schools, and has developed a tour company with the majority of the proceeds going to the cause. 

Krishna Megawal

Kindergarten teacher

Krishna has been working in the charity sector for a long time, and has been teaching Kindergarten here at Nirvan since November 2018. She lives nearby with her two young 
sons who often join her at the school. Her husband earns a very low income, and the money Krishna is able to make by teaching helps to support her family. 

Lata Singhania

Women's Empowerment

Lata has been teaching the young women of Kathputli Colony sewing, make-up and hairdressing since 2014. She lives close by with her husband and 3 children. Without her income, her family would not survive on her husbands income alone. Through her teaching she empowers women within the community to learn a trade to help support themselves and their families.

Kitty Gaba

Childrens Teacher

Kitty retired from the Air Force and found herself wanting to do something worthwhile with her time. She started at the Nirvan school in 2018 and says it is the best job in the world. Her own kids are all grown up now, and she has been a widow since 2012, so having the opportunity to help the kids grow into educated, well rounded individuals gives her life great purpose.

Radhika Rajput Thakur

Caretaker at Nirvan

Widowed in 1995, Radhika now supports herself and her family here in Kathputli Colony. She worked for 10 years at a different charity, and was left without much hope when her job was made redundant. She was offered a job with PETE in June 2018 and now spends her days looking after all the cooking and cleaning needs of the children, volunteers and guests.


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